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    Javanane Pars (which means: The Youth of Iran), is a website created specifically with the youth in mind. Iran is a country, blessed by many young men and women who will eventually shape the future of their country. But in addition to the youth inside Iran, there are many Farsi-speaking young men and women around the world who are eager to know more about Jesus and to have somewhere they can ask their questions, have great fellowship and learn from teachers and other youth. 

    Javanane Pars has two parts: one part is the front-end which all visitors see and use and the other part is a control panel side which gives youth leaders the ability to sign up their group members based on churches and other factors. Then these churches can be connected and can have a great fellowship safely and securely, whenever they want.

    Javanane Pars is being developed and improved day by day. So if you are a young man or woman, or if you know young people who can benefit from this website, please give them the address.

    This website is only available in Farsi. 

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    DATE : May 07, 2017

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